The Strabane Business Improvement District (BID) are inviting volunteers to join one of three sub-committees that will help with the delivery of the project plan to boost the growing Strabane economy.

There will be a Membership Engagement Group, an Arts, Culture and Events Group, and a Marketing and Promotion Group.

The invitation is extended to non-BID members as well as current BID members, and any applications will be gratefully welcomed from anyone with experience and a genuine interest in the sub-committee that they would like to join.

Each sub-group will be chaired by a BID Board member and will have an appointed chair and secretary who will provide minutes and actions to the BID Board. Individuals who wish to apply must be willing to dedicate one or two days per month to the work of their group in delivering against their theme within the Business Plan.

The Membership Engagement Group will encompass representation from four geographic zones within the BID area. A representative will be nominated from each area as a contact point, advocate and representative of the BID. The MEG will provide a vital feedback loop in relation to BID plans and member issues.

The Arts, Culture and Events Group will recruit participants to develop and deliver a range of arts, culture and events throughout the year, while the Marketing and Promotion Group will recruit participants to assist in the development of ongoing marketing and promotion of the BID area.

Derry City and Strabane District Council Business Officer Sinead Lynch said that it was an opportunity for people to make a real difference in the Strabane area.

“The Strabane BID focuses on working together to identify priorities, design and fund solutions to enhance the area and increase trade, and setting up these three new groups is another way for us to do that,” she said.

“We’re very much on the look-out for people, whether they are current BID members or not, who can help us deliver those objectives. Our Business Plan is focused on the continuous growth of the Strabane economy, and we know there are a lot of people out there with expertise that can help us to achieve that.”


To apply for a place on one of the new BID sub-groups, please visit